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Serial Terminal or Local Shell

twidunode2 is a revolutionary evolution of twidunode. Currently it is possible to configure several functionl parameters by means configuration shell reachable with USB port or CAN BUS port. Also It is possible to control entire twidunode2 connected each other by means CAN BUS. The shell interface allows operation parameters monitor (voltages, currents, internal/external temperature, etc.)

shell connection

In order to connect to twidunode2 system shell, it is necessary connect to the system host (Windows, Linux/MAC, Routerboard, etc) directly to USB port meanwhile the devices are on and supplied.

Laptop conf twidunode.png

It is necessary to install a proper USB/serial driver in order to recognize the virtual serial port.Please consider the dedicate section regarding System used
Please follow the dedicated section for the system used:


Please remember that the shell is addresable to the twidunode2 connected to the same BUS. Every twidunode2 is addressable and recognizable over BUS directory by means unique ID that indentify every twidunode. The unique ID is marked on product label.
There are specific breadcrumb commands in order to access to specific twidunode2 terminal.


Note: Please remember that in order to access to configuration shell, twidunode2 has to be supplied from any available source such as AC input, DC input or battery. If you connect non supplied twidunode2 with USB, PoE is accessable in Mass Storage Device modality as per firmware update

serial/usb shell commands

The configuration shell and twidunode2 serial/USB stream is managed by state and configuration commands. The commands, their sintax and function are listed below.

informative commands

The following commands return only operations states and/orinternal/external sensors readings. These commands do not change twidunode2 status or configuration and you can use it for monitor or debug of these parameters:

  • Devices power absorpion
  • Output Voltage setted
  • Input Supply Voltage
  • Currents and currt towards
  • Battery recharge status and its healt state
  • Internal/External temperatures (with proper sensor)
informative commands
command parameters description
info - It returns functional and configuration parameters, product hardware revision, firmware version, ID serial number. Also It prints measure strings. Command Manual "info".
infopower - It returns voltage and current measure string.
infobattery - It returns Battery setting table with recharge enable, Battery/recharge curve kind, Battery capacity and battery charger status.
infosystem - It returns system parameters measures and internal/external temperature.

configuration commands

These commands cause actions or enable twidunode2 parameters. Some commands act in temporary way such as "reboot", or non persistent at reboot such as "set poeout off".

Other parameters are persistent until twidunode2 and you can make definitive with "save" command.

comandi di configurazione
command parameters description
save - It loads on flash memory the settings applied with "set" commands. The changes are persistent after the reboot and/or firmware updates.
reboot - It performs an immediate load PoE reboot (load switch off-switch on).
set poeout [on | off] This command switch on and switch off PoE load."off" state is persistent until twidunode2 reboot. After that, the load is on and the command status is setted On.
set poevolts [nn] 24..52 It sets up PoE output voltage. The value is expressed in Volts and It can be set up by means 1 volt steps. The operation of this parameter depends on voltage jumper position located on product front side. If it is setted over 24V, Outupt PoE voltage is fixed to 24V and It can not modified through configuartion shell. If jumper is setted over 48V, Outupt PoE voltage can be modified by means 1 volt steps. The modification is persistent until the reboot. With save command is possible to make definitive modification.
set poecurrent [nn] 0..1200 It sets up Output PoE Current (towards the load). The value is expressed in mA and It can be setted with 1 mA steps. This parameter represents a security level in order to avoid the damage of equipments supplied. Default value is 1200mA.
set batttype [PbAGM | PbGEL | PbAGMtemp] - It sets up installed battery type . This parameter affects typical charging curves, setting up the proper value it is possible to avoid battery damaging, improving battery capacity and extending battery lifecycle.

For further and deep insights on battery recharging, please consider the following chapter:  Impostazioni Batterie
set battcap [nn] 7500..26000 It sets up installed battery capacity. This value is expressed in mAh. This parameter affects affects typical charging curves, setting up the proper value it is possible to avoid battery damaging, improving battery capacity and extending battery lifecycle, speeding up the charging of high capacity batteries. At the moment is settable at 26000, that it is equal to a battery with 26Ah capacity.
set recharge [on | off] This command switches on/off battery charging functionality of twidunode2. If the command is OFF, only battery charging functionality is disable meanwhile the withdrawal from possible battery is always on. This scenario is useful in case of the battery is shared with some PoEs and battery chargers.

breadcrumb commands

Shell interface permits to configure twidunode2 connected each other in the same BUS. It is possible to know, list and enter to the specific terminal of each twidunode2 with the following commands:

breadcrumb commands
command parameters description
list - It returns the list with addressable devices connected with the BUS. For each device is listed the name, unique ID and the firmware version .
cd [nnnnn] nnnnn= unique ID It permits to access to the specific terminal of twidunode2 searched, bymeans unique ID.
exit - It is possible to return to the shell of twidunode2 master.

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