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MAC Linux Terminal Connection

twidunode2 connection to the host system


MAC Linux terminal connection

twidunode2 connection to the host system


It is necessary connect with any host to twidunode2 USB port. A serial port (USB/serial) will be added to host system.

In Linux MacOSX systems, twidunode2 will be recognized as USB serial port, so we will find it in “/dev” named tty.USB or tty.usbmodemXXX.

In MacOSX Systems, it wil be recognized as:


Laptop conf twidunode.png


Note: Please Note that it is possible to access to configuration shell only if twidunode2 supplied from available source such as AC input, DC input or battery. If an host is connected via USB port to twidunode2 without any source, It is possible to access only to Mass Storage Device way firmaware update

Terminal emulation Opening

In order to access and open the serial terminal of twidunode2 is necessary use “screen” command in this way: screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1411 or with port name added to your system. It is possible to highlight every ports using /dev/ command:

ls /dev/tty*

at this stage you can find the new port added.

Shell mac 1 twidunode2.png

It is possible to monitor twidunode2 status with “info” command clicking enter button.

info +invio

Shell mac 2 twidunode2.png

For the shell commands available for twidunide2, please consider the following paragraph comandi terminale