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Windows terminal connection

twidunode2 host connection


It is necessary connect with any host to twidunode2 USB port. A serial port (USB/serial) will be added to host system. At this stage you can open emulation serial terminal such as Putty, Hyperterminal o Teraterm.

Laptop conf twidunode.png


Note: Please Note that it is possible to access to configuration shell only if twidunode2 supplied from available source such as AC input, DC input or battery. If an host is connected via USB port to twidunode2 without any source, It is possible to access only to Mass Storage Device way firmaware update

virtualCOM installation

Windows enviroment requests VirtualCOM port driver in order to work properly as per USB/Serial Adaptors.

It is possible to download the VirtualCOM driver at the following link::

Windows 7 e Windows 8 ST VirtualCOM driver

Windows 10 ST VirtualCOM driver

We suggest to install the driver without TW-IDU-NODE connected, then check on Control panel the new port number.

Terminal emulation opening

After correct driver installation (please pay attention between 32bit and 64 bit), connect twidunode2 to host system and verify the VirtualCOM port to be added. After that please open terminal emulator over COM port where twidunode2 is mapped.


At the terminal opening, please write "info" command and press ENTER

info + enter

For the shell commands available for twidunide2, please consider the following paragraph comandi terminale

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