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Status Leds

twidunode2 is provided by 4 operating leds useful for operating state identification. Their status assume different meanings depending on operating way:

  • Upgrade firmware: without external voltage source
  • Funzionamento PoE: with any external voltage source


colour led function action update PoE function
green PoE load off - twidunode2 off or in firmware update

with blinking orange, firmware update error, update again

green PoE load fixed - twidunode2 on, PoE load connected and on (current absorption >50mA)
green PoE load blinking - twidunode2 on, carico PoE load not connected or off (current absorption <50mA)
red battery off - no battery connected
rosso battery fixed firmware update error battery is connected and in supplying phase
red battery blinking - battery is connected and in charging phase
orange usb off twidunode2 not connected USB not connected
orange usb fixed twidunode2 connected as per Mass Storage Device USB connected as per virtual COM to host
oranage usb blinking - USB connected as per virtual COM to host and updating/passing data

with green off, firmware update error, update again

yellow canbus off firmware to be load CANBUS not connected, no data exchange
yellow canbus fixed new firmware to be load/loaded -
yellow canbus blinking - CANBUS connected, data exchange canBUS/USB
all alarm fixed - POE_VIN_OVER_VOUT Overvoltage, when the difference between Output voltage and setted Voltage exceed 1V (Vout-Vset>1V). For istance when it is applied a DC-IN voltage that exceeds 24V.
all alarm fixed - POE_OUT_OVERLOAD Overload, Load Current absoprtion exceeds maximum current limit equal to 3A. Please wait for few seconds in oder to allow twidunode2 to perform more attempts.

Note: POE_OUT_OVERLOAD status is managed by twidunode2, It means that the load current absorption exceeds the current limit.This scenario depends on several factors as per equipments characteristic to be supplied. In order to aoid this situation, twidunode2 try many times power-on, generally after 1-2 second, the device switch on.