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Univocal ID

Every twidunodes, including the old named twidunode and the new twidunode2 exhbits an univocal ID that rapresents the serial number useful for device identification when the devices are connected each other and with IoT data collecting systems.

Univocal ID permits the following functions:

  • BUS Twidunode indentifying
  • terminal accessing to specific twidunode2 connected to the BUS.
  • data streaming collecting system such as c NodeOS or

Univocal ID is marked on label located in the bottom side of each twidunode2. By means info shell command , it is possible to visualize the value in decimal and hexadecimal.

TOWNET SPPOE5  SW Ver: 910508  HW ver: POE00103  POE ID:15999 (0x3e7f)

ID>16000 identifies twidunode2, configurable from terminal.
ID<15900 identifies twidunode, the old generation.