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What is Townet OSnode

What is OSnode.... ? OSnode is a package of oper softwares and hardwares the enable us to interact with twidunode2 and the rest of the world! It's based on a Linux distribution and a software called NodeRed

OSnode townet screenshot.png

What is NodeRed ?


Node-RED is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things - [nodered.org].

Node-red is a tool developed by IBM for the IoT platform on Bluemix (watson Iot). It's scalable, multiplatform, and supported.

Node-RED is one of the most famous flow-based programming tools for the Internet of Things. It born with the scope to give a very simple approach to the computer programming with a visual interface. It enlarge possibilities for those peoples who don't have programming skills Node-RED can integrate different devices in different ways with API, webservices , MQTT, Node.js etc.

Here more detailed informations regarding Node-RED:
NodeRed su html.it
NodeRed su Wikipedia

OSnode Dashboard

Node-RED , is composed also by a powerfull dynamic dashboard. Custom and reach dashboards with different views and controls can be created just adding nodes in to the flow. Dashboard can be interconnected with any kind of external resource like IBM bluemix, Amazon AWS, Google, Azure etc. Each element of the flow can be connectect to well known services like http, SNMP, M2M, MQTT.

Townet OSnode dashboard.png
OSnode Townet ambient.png